Kicks and Giggles

Calving’s going great…

We had a great soft rain for one day, getting .76″ on my rain gauge… it’ll be green now!

Working in my yard has commenced…

But we stopped all that for a little fundraiser for Ten Sleep Schools… the third annual Blue and White Alumni game.

Of course, Daniel was on the blue team and Brandon was on the white… so we just cheered!

It was all in good fun… lots of pranks, blatant fouls against those blasting wide open for shots, and for some reason, it was always called white ball when it went out of bounds…

DanielDaniel takes the ball down the court…

BrandonBrandon shoots a free throw…

DanielDaniel blocked that inbound pass!

teamsWay to go Ten Sleep Alumni!  Thanks for the kicks and giggles!


Kicks and Giggles — 3 Comments

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Joanne! It’s so interesting to hear about your celebration in England! It’s usually around the middle of May here, right about the time of my daughter’s birthday on May 18th!

  2. What fun. Yes, a wise move to just cheer. In middle England we celebrate Mothering Sunday today AND we have now joined you having moved our clocks forward one hour earlier today. Yippee, lighter evenings and hopefully warmer weather.

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