Somewhere Welder

The guys continue to watch over the cows as they calve.

I’m starting to work around here when the weather cooperates.

I now have a clean chicken coop, and some landscape pavers for my grill to sit on.

When they get the chance, the guys continue to work on their new hay feeder.

Remember the old one?

Well, soon after it was finished, they came up with new/improved/better ideas.

While it will be a long time before it’s finished…

Ya gotta start somewhere…



Somewhere Welder — 6 Comments

  1. Always exciting to be working on a new project. Hope the chickens appreciate the work you’ve done on their home.

  2. I do remember the old one they invented and was very impressed! Can’t wait to see what new improvements the guys will be making!

  3. wet here in northeast Kansas—have had good rains over the past week but no sunshine for the past 9 days–our lots are sloppy to say the least–roads are sloppy too–sunshine would help our personal solar battery

    • I was hoping some of this rain landed on the fire areas to start their growth back. We can’t seem to get more than a day or two of warmth and sunshine before it rains again.

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