The plan was to end up with my free pair of Stetson boots today.  You know the ones I won with the amateur photography award from Working Ranch Magazine?

None at Boot Barn.

The girls at Lou Tauberts Ranch Outfitters went above and beyond, but it appears there may not be any ladies Stetson boots in the state of Wyoming.  That leaves me trying to call the company to let me order online.  With the chance that, Without trying them on, I get a great pair of boots that might not fit.

It’s becoming very apparent that a Stetson gift card would have been the way to go… At least I could have bought some jeans or shirt or another hat!


No pics.

No boots.

No fun!



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  1. BUT!!! that wonderful word, possibility!!, remains. Checked Billings?
    Didn’t know Stetson made boots…very cool. Assuming you can find some.

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