Ranch Kid

flaggerRanch kids learn jobs early.  Lorelei is waving her stock flag out the window as we sit on the side of the road with our emergency flashers blinking.  We’re alerting other (very few) drivers that, hey, there’s cows on the road, so please slow down!

After a while, though… that job is boring.  So she migrates to the front seat to “drive”.

driverThis would be totally wrong if we were going 65 mph.  Since it took over half an hour to go three quarters of a mile… with emergency flashers on… we didn’t feel much danger from the three cars that went by…

And I got the “moving them down the highway” shot I wanted!



Ranch Kid — 3 Comments

  1. Adorable. “Driving the car” reminded me of the first time my Dad let me sit on his lap and “drive the car”. 🙂

  2. Not usually on a highway with barrow pits,etc.,though but on a canal bank or the river bank or along a ditch or pipeline. No other traffic but mistakes would be big ones. They are usually so careful that they don’t make mistakes at that point but watch out when they get confident that they can do anything! Bet it was fun to spend the time with her.

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