Rain, rain, and more rain.  People in Wyoming shouldn’t complain about rain.  For an area that receives only 14″ of it throughout a year, every little bit helps.  We usually measure rainfall in hundredths of an inch!

This March was the second wettest that Johnny has recorded in all his years of recording the weather.  This April has been wet as well, showing 3.35″ on my unofficial rain guage.

It’s wet.  It’s soggy.  It’s a slurpy, slick, gooshy, walk, ride, or drive.  We can’t get in the fields, we’re slow about getting cattle out where they need to be, it’s beginning to stack up around here!

Western Wyoming is still sitting on 130-190 % of normal snowfall.  Eastern Wyoming is still listed as being in a drought.  This water cycle thing is exciting to watch.

The rain could stop and we could not see any until fall.  We’re trying really hard not to whine.  


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  1. Thinking of you all in rainy WY. Here in middle England a dry April so far. Very few April showers or rainbows. It will be a shock when we do get rain (as I’m sure we will). Finding macs, umbrellas. Remembering to put car lights on – if like me you don’t have a car that does it for you. And then there will be wet umbrellas and coats that need putting somewhere to dry.

  2. Mud mud mud MUD! I gave up mopping the floors two weeks ago as an exercise in futility. I agree, here in Wyoming we aren’t allowed to cuss the rain (and it really saved us this week when our pig pen caught on fire) but I think that a little less sticky yucky mud would be nice lol!
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  3. Yep, Rain & Winter fatigue are a pain… However, for comparison purposes only, your mileage may vary and all that other qualifying stuff, to date the water year (Oct 1 ’16 – Sept 30 ’17) total here, near Portland, Orygun is 52.85″ of precipitation and it’s raining today, tomorrow and most of next week according to the US Weather Service… We’d be happy to forward a little more rain to Wyoming if you would like to reconsider your position Carol… There’s a reason folks here about are called web-foot…


  4. Yep, wonderful for the barley, the hay and the lawn but a big concern for the folks who need to plant sugar beets

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