#TBT: Branding Dinner

Feeding the branding crew has always been a Big Deal.  Everyone is working hard and has quite the appetite.  This branding would have been on the top of the mountain, creating challenges of its own. Heat would be a campfire or what could be brought up in a wrapped pot to keep it as warm as possible…  Cool would be spring water a mile distant, so it may not have been used, or ice from the ice house, if there was any left this time of year…

The women show off their contributions to dinner.

No date on this photo.

(Getting ready to cook our first of two branding dinners next week… this seemed very appropriate!)

branding dinner



#TBT: Branding Dinner — 6 Comments

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  2. Carol, that is just precious Ladies and the picture tells so much . They are all proud of what they fixed and anxious to show it. I am sure the food they had in their hands was just a small part of the meal. I do hope you have the original in a very safe place to have for the next generations to come.
    Thank you for showing the pictures of the women in your families.
    Sharon Drake Winfield, Ks. South central Kansas.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how differently they are dressed? Some are wearing stockings and very nice shoes. The second lady from the left may even have on a “can-can”under that dress.

  4. I think I recognize myself in this picture. The young lady far to the left with two different colors on her jeans!! Or maybe a shadow. I think Edna Greet is to my left.

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