Big Little Mews

kittenSix of these little items made their appearance this morning… all grey tigers!  They’ve had multiple visits from small children and others already.  Mom, who really doesn’t even have a name that sticks, is doing well.

Yes, I know, I should name my cat.  I’ve tried… really, I have…

“Stupid” fit for a while… and it was just truthful… she was so TRUSTING with my dogs, which is a big mistake when all three are together.  Yes, individually, my dogs are nice.  Put them together, uh, not so much!  She would repeatedly walk out among them, going nose to nose, while I kept them under control, but then she’d scamper off and the race would be ON!  “Stupid” was accurate.  So was “Lucky” and “Speedy”.

I named her after the cat in Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” books… Adso.  Hmmmm.  Addie seemed more appropriate.

“No Name Kitty” works… and makes me laugh to think of “Paint Your Wagon” and the town’s name…

I guess, now, as Mother of Mousers (no dragons in the litter, more’s the pity) she deserves a Real Name.

I think I’ll stick with Addie… unless someone out there can convince me of another great name…

Addie Cat had six grey tiger kittens today, some wonderful, springtime mews!


Still looking for questions for my Q&A session… post ’em now!


Big Little Mews — 7 Comments

  1. Steph, you can’t be serious. Cats were born to be mousers for hundreds of years. Cats are not meant to be kept in captivity.
    Carol, thank you for sharing the wonderful news of the springtime kitties.
    I love all your stories and sharing of ranch life.

  2. No disrespect intended Carol, just my opinion.
    I understand ranch life often means that the animals that earn the money and do the work are at the top of the ladder, but why not just use mouse traps to control the mice and let the kitties have a chance at a safer more nurtured life where they are not called “stupid”–even jokingly.

    • Love the kitties! Not only are they cute and lovable, but work hard and love every minute of their huge role in rodent management!
      Addie sounds like a great name!

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