Third Time

This is the third time in a couple of months I’ve had a cold.

Today was shot for me.

I managed to sit on the couch and read… and sit on the couch and watch tv… and sit on the couch and wire wrap another pendant…


I’m giving myself some flowers from a trip up the mountain the other night..

Spring beauties, which appear as the snow recedes… and the biggest yellow bells I’ve ever seen… trust me.

spring beautiesyellow bells


Third Time — 8 Comments

  1. Enjoy those lovely wild flowers from your sofa. And get well real soon. My husband is also having a cold right now. They seem to be going around now, but I am determined not to get it! (fingers crossed) ;-}

  2. Also if you have not had pneumonia and shingles vaccine get them also. Just saying neither is not good. Sharon Drake

  3. might be time to go see Doctor. Thanks for the beautiful flower picture. Sharon Drake, south central Kansas.

  4. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Glad your getting chance to rest, but your times on the couch have been well spent. Love the wild flower photos and the jewellery. Hope you are up and about soon. Still waiting in the UK for S5 of Longmire to be shown on 5 or 5USA, but we can now pre order Craig’s latest two books.

  5. Those yellow bells are gorgeous!!! Almost put our California Poppies to shame.

    Take care. Lots of hot tea and other liquids.

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