Kyle Petty Charity Ride

I interrupt the continuing branding photos in order to share what happened in Ten Sleep today!

The Kyle Petty Charity Ride stopped in town for almost an hour.  We were happy to be one of the designated “pit stops” on this fundraising tour.


If they had ridden in yesterday, they would have enjoyed a pleasant day… as it was, they enjoyed some fickle spring weather with rain and snow over the mountain.

They ride to raise money for Victory Junction, a children’s cancer charity… and Ten Sleep’s kids turned out to show their support.  The entire school, K-12, came down to welcome them!

kpcrkpcrkpcr(hey, I know that kid!)

I showed up with a partner to sell the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library’s little headscarves used by motorcyclists and climbers.  We sold some, but accepted donations from the riders as well.

The rain intensified and if the riders didn’t have their rain gear on when they arrived, they sure did when they left!


It was a fun and inspiring little event for Ten Sleep.



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  1. Great pictures. How exciting for everyone. I zoomed in on the gas station. Why? Just to confirm that WY gas is the opposite to us in the UK. My daughter and I nearly got caught out in 2009. Over here petrol is GREEN and diesel is BLACK!!!! So if you visit over here and need gas, DO check the wording and not just the colour!!!

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