We actually had some sunshine today!  I managed to haul some compost…


and spread it in my garden and rototill it in for the first time.


I, then, decided to run up the hill and get some white gypsum rocks for my flower bed… and I found flowers…


thousands and thousands of flowers.


This rain is giving us a gorgeous bloom on them this year!



Bloom — 8 Comments

  1. The picture Lucas, and picture the cow with those lovely wildflowers are both beautiful. Would make great calendar pictures or puzzles.

  2. Beautiful flowers!! Are you worried about the cattle eating the lupine/larkspur (couldn’t tell which)? Or is it less toxic at some point? Seems like it is abundant this year with all the moisture.

  3. Lupines and arrowleaf balsamroot – gorgeous combination! And that handsome dog! He’s looking good at 11.

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