No post yesterday.

Almost not one tonight.

Long, long, LONG days gathering cows… definitely NOT a “Romantic Cowboy Lifestyle Story”.  I fell into bed last night, pried myself out early this morning, and I’m ready for bed once more.

I can’t totally abandon you, though, so instead of #TBT, because I don’t want to dig through my box of old photos…

Here’s this!

filterMy camera applies random filters under one setting, I rather like how this one turned out.


This! — 5 Comments

  1. THIS is one of the most beautiful photos from your collection…the green grass and blue sky are so vivid! Always love the magnificent western clouds!
    And, just a thought ~ maybe those cows found a favorite resting spot!

  2. THIS is so nice, with the Bighorns (I assume) in the distance even! And YOU are so kind, even when you are terribly tired, thank you! Sleep tight now, hopefully even sleep in…

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