Wordless Wednesday – “Modern Cowboys”

For Vernon and Johnny, it was a little red book, pencil written on the tiny cramped lines… There were cattle numbers and dates born, doctored sick ones, and which were sent to town.  There were bull numbers and hay numbers, some phone numbers, and “notes to self”…  No surprise that my son uses his iPhone for the same things.

While sorting pairs, we call out numbers to Brandon, who enters them… and we know which cow is in which pasture…

Sustainable agriculture… just new twists on old ways!


previewModern Cowboys


Wordless Wednesday – “Modern Cowboys” — 3 Comments

  1. Those phones get everywhere. Daughter used hers for tracking baby feeds, how many diapers per day. Probably impossible to get a cell phone that is just a phone nowadays but I would not be without mine. Another great photo. Thanks.

  2. Blending old ways with new – cool! And I love the beautiful Palomino in this picture. It will be a fun puzzle. 🙂

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