In Sepia

Brandon and a neighbor joined forces to have another small branding.

I set my camera to “sepia” (because I can’t get a good sepia filter to add later) and just shot that way.  I found some I like!

sepiajaxonLittle Jaxon is in this one…

penBlocking the catch pen while the branders catch up. (See Jaxon in this one, too?)team
Sometimes those little calves just kick right out of your loop!


In Sepia — 7 Comments

  1. I think there is a story here, I love that the whole family is working together and that they are so patient with the little one. I know it is “normal” for your family but so many families don’t have this dynamic. Women, Men and children all earning a living by working hard together. Keep up the good work of teaching us about the ranching life. THANK YOU

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