Long day.

We made it home by 6:30, though we did take a long lunch break at 3 pm.  That was particularly nice, since, well, first of all… lunch! and Cold Water.  I had definitely overheated.  But then, afternoon clouds came in and cooled down everyone, steers and people alike.  That made the trail in just Much Nicer.

It even rained on us a bit, not even enough to settle the dust, but it was “refreshing”.

Came home, threw some frozen pizzas in the oven, and called it good enough.

I was whooped.

Poor Dally did even worse, Vernon had to haul her most of the way back.  Black dog, long hair, hottest day, many miles, fat girl, out of shape.  She appreciated every watering hole and break she could take!

water break

I was going to post but … no.

Then I was going to post for you this morning… but Waylon and Wyatt had to see baby kitties before heading home.  Then Brandon wanted help spreading out his gated pipe…

So this is extremely Late… but at least there’s a post!

rain clouds



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  1. I got tired just reading about this! Hope you get to rest a little before any more long, hot days. I really admire the grit, stamina, and determination that goes into ranching.

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