Silly Zone

Remember this post from last year???

Splash Zone.

That’s what I entitled it… getting soaking wet while moving our heifers to their mountain pasture.

Well, we repeated the move today… without a rain cloud in sight!

topThe girls were ready to GO and thankfully, they went the right way!

flowersIt was gorgeous up there…

aspensAnd our grins were definitely bigger (and less soggy) this year!  (Plus, it’s hard… and funny… to get two antsy horses to stand still for a silly selfie!)



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  1. Wow that’s the life. I have been home in Wyoming with my 94 year old Dad for 3 weeks, a great visit but back to the coast and Southern Califoria. I love all the fun beautiful pictures you take and post!!

  2. It looked like a perfect summer day: a job well done in good company amidst cheery yellow wildflowers which look like mountain mule ears. No wonder you both look so happy. Love your blog: thank you for sharing so that we can all enjoy this (and everything else) vicariously.

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