It was an easy day of weeding and watering the garden and lawn… then we experienced a heckuva windstorm for here… the peak gust was only 48 mph, but it got everyone’s attention.  I heard Laramie had a 90 mph gust, and Worland experienced a microburst, while there’s branches down all over Ten Sleep.

I sat it out safely in my house and just kept on crafting away!  I’m working on some more copper jewelry.  I attended the little farmer’s market they had at the Ten Sleep Brewery last week and sold a couple of pieces… so now I’m stoked!

That is until this evening when Vernon called and said he’d broke down and could I come get him.

He said it kind of ruins the ambience of a pretty sunset when your Rhino side by side veers sharply off the road and you almost lose a wheel… He wasn’t hurt, and he had all the tools he needed in the pickup I drove, so he managed to piece things back together and drive on home.  His mechanical mind always amazes me… I would have just started hiking home, never knowing that with the right tools, that cattywampus tire could even go back on!!!!!

No pics of my copper creations…

but I like this one from the other day…

red window



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  1. Carol–here in my part of Kansas we got a quarter inch of rain early this am. We have been getting missed by the soaking rains. Are now over an inch for the month. Have lots of cracks to fill. Normal rain fall for June is 3.64. Sure enjoy your posts. Have a good day.

    • We received .23″ tonight… it’ll do the country a lot of good! Glad to send some your way too! Thanks for your comment!

  2. My Husband ,Son and Dad had the gift to fix anything. They were and are good to teach the Children how to fix things. Thank you for the nice pictures. Glad the storm was not any worse. We had 60 to 70 mph winds and 30 minute rain that gave us an inch. Glad that was all. Take care , Carol. Sharon Drake. South Central Ks.

  3. So glad you’ve had chance to work on more of your jewellery. Looking forward to seeing photos. Nice reflection picture.

  4. I’ve experienced one of those microbursts…..pretty intense and amazing.

    Good for Vernon getting the rhino back together. Do you usually have cell service in most areas? Or do you use a HAM radio or something else?

    Love your picture, I love reflections!

    • He was on top of a hill, so he had service. Cell phone service is pretty spotty, so I don’t even have one. Ham radio would be nice, but, no, we have nothing else. Be prepared to climb a hill if you want to use your cell phone!

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