Quinlan’s Perspective

Today we shipped our steers.

Normally, I’m in the scale house with Johnny, getting weights and counts… but today Megan served in that position… and I kept an eye on Quinlan and Lorelei.

I even let Quinlan take some photos (my new camera has shipped and so, this one is been downgraded to the dirty/spotted/grinding/icky category).

He did take pics of his mom and great grandpa at work…(note the truck drivers waiting for us to finish weighing the steers).

scale house

and his dad doing paperwork…

paper workand Lorelei and I…

L and I




rockand I took a few myself.




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  1. Carol and everyone, Happy 4th. What a great country we live in.
    I have let our Grandchildren take pictures from the time they were little and the pictures we got at their height, was great. Thank you for sharing your family and life. Sharon Drake south central kansas

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