Let’s Rodeo

You might have Little League.

Maybe youth football.

Here in Ten Sleep, we have the Kids’ Rodeo!

Geared towards ranch kids, or any kid that owns a horse and rides a bit for fun, this mini rodeo isn’t for those kids who really *compete* at rodeo, it’s just a fun playday.

In 100˚ heat. (ok, maybe not quite, but, holy cow! it was hot out today!)

All of my grandkids competed today.  Matthew concentrated on the Stick Horse Race (which Quinlan won!), but the others competed in the Costume Contest (where the girls won and Quinlan and Jaxon received third), Mutton Busting (where Quinlan was second and Jaxon third… though the video may show a different result!), Barrel Race, Dummy Steer Roping (Quinlan – second and Wyatt – third), and Goat Tail Un-tying.

Yes, there’s more activities, but not for the 5 and under set!

Next year will be a longer day, with the three oldest boys transitioning to the higher age bracket… I hope it’s cooler…

carousel horsecarousel horse(carousel horses)

elk hunters(hunters with their elk – note the antlers!)

rope(Quinlan showing good left handed form)

grin(Jaxon barrel racing – with that big grin – and Tess for backup help!)

It’s a fun, fun, hot, fun, hot, slow, fun day.

Thanks to B.C. for running it these past few years… Good Job!



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