#TBT: Where Were You?

July 20, 1969

My dad called me in from playing outside.  I whined pitifully, preferring to hulahoop, or play some game with my friends, or something Very Important to my ten year old self.

“Get in here, now!  Someday you’ll be happy to tell your grandkids you watched the first man walk on the moon!”

I did.

I am.

Where were you?



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    • She was my best bud in those long ago years… her name was Winnie and she was an Eskimo girl who lived across the street from us.

  1. You’re testing my memory!! I had just completed my first year of teaching and was home with my Mom and Dad and siblings. We were glued to the TV for this triumphant event in history. We lived in Rochester, NY at the time.

  2. I was home but went to bed. I was sooooo scared that something would go wrong. Oh me of little faith. Ever since my Dad woke me to see the first satalite fly over the UK in the mid 50’s I loved following the space journey. All those times I watched on B&W tv when they transmitted the Gemini landings and there was that ‘silence’ as they came through the earth’s atmosphere with pictures of nearby aircraft carriers and cheers and waves when the capsule and parachute appeared out of the clouds. Then the rush to reach the capsule and get the astronauts out. Exciting times. Happy memories.

  3. I am definitely older than you. lol I was with husband at friend’s house, oooohing and aaaaaahing over their new baby. We thought it looked staged and wondered if the government was pulling one over on us. Nevertheless, it was exciting.

  4. I was camping in Door County WI and my parents took us to a Bar to watch the landing (first time I was ever in a bar) and I had to stand on a radiator to see the TV it was packed with families.

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