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Miss me?

I worked late at our library’s astronomy program last night… We had a guest speaker with an 8″ Dobsonian telescope.  Since one of those is on my When-I-win-the-lottery List, I *had* to hang around until late.


No #tbt this week… but…

In a form of #tbt…

Megan and I attacked our barn tack room the other day.  She and Tess had moved a bunch of old saddles out… but we took it to the next step.  Our little tack room (where we keep our saddles) can handle 7 or 8 saddles just fine.  There are 9 adults that ride on this place (many of us with more than one saddle to our name), plus old “vintage” saddles, plus we’re starting to gather kid’s saddles… We’d stack saddles on top of saddles and end up pulling the pile over… or knocking someone else’s down… so we’ve decided to “remodel”.

Honestly, the entire barn needs professional help… with some log wall work needing done, but we’re just a “quick fix” kinda crew!

There are bridles on top of bridles…


and so much hay and dust and… stuff… built up on the floor, it’s amazing.

Half of the barn we don’t even use since it has three stalls for milk cows.  There hasn’t been a milk cow on the place since Vernon was in high school, so we’re expanding into one stall hoping to gain more saddle and bridle storage!

saddlesThe back area will be blown out, a walkway will go under the window, and the tack room extended past the chicken wire and those upright slats…

It’s a huge job… who knows when we will complete it… but ya gotta start somewhere!




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