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With the arrival of August, Wyoming is hitting the Solar Eclipse Mania full bore.  Every one is going crazy… there’s tshirts and warnings from first responder groups and people renting out spaces to park RVs.

Vernon laughingly told me I should rent out my studio, even though we’re not in full totality here.  I always kind of had the idea of “rental” in the back of my mind… but I pictured renting to dog people or artists who would enjoy some solitary and quiet time… Plus, how many people would rent a place with minimal running water (from a hose if necessary) and an outhouse to use?????  and a wood cook stove?????

Anyway, his joke did bring it back to me that there are many unfinished projects at the studio.  Lately, all I’ve done is feed my kittens down there, and if I’m lucky, watch the grandkids paint on occasion.

So today I made a start.

I know many of you enjoy the “vintage look” of the old weathered wood, but I feel I need to occasionally try to save the wood itself with a protective layer of paint!  It’ll look old enough soon enough!

windowfront door


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  1. You probably could rent it out. I’d camp there for a few days, if I was looking for something. It would be camping, but with better sleep than a tent, I’d think.. lol

    • Well, there is a queen size bed and tons of art supplies!!! I’m debating on whether I should get a wifi booster… 😉

  2. If you get DYI on your cable TV (I hope so) I think one of the best shows is Barnwood Builders. You all would love it!! 🙂

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