Today is Wednesday.

Except I thought it was Thursday.

I woke up, showered, dressed, and DROVE THE TWENTY MILES INTO WORK.


Then the other workers came in, and I realized… I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY.


Nothing like getting your day off to a WONDERFUL beginning.

So, I smiled, waved, and drove those twenty miles home, feeling like an idiot.

Since it irritated me, I was determined to accomplish something today!

So, my studio and the outhouse received a nice spray paint job.

Oh, yeah, more white trim to paint, but, hey.

studiostudiostudioouthouseWho knows if I would have accomplished this today without my little mixup?

You are welcome for a Wordless Wednesday YESTERDAY.

So, your opinion… paint the X’s on my door white? or leave them as natural wood?



Mixup — 11 Comments

  1. I like the natural but if not, I’d go with the white majority. They never could be natural again if you paint them white. I think natural goes with the ranch flavor”

  2. I was visiting my sister yesterday and read this to her. It bought a smile to our faces. Glad you kept on going and worked on your studio rather than ‘mull’ ( do you ‘mull’ over things across the pond?) it over for the rest of the day. We think white for he X’s but I like Kay’s idea of barn red. Mixing days up is easier when retired as there is little structure to the week. You can often do stuff on any day so Wednesday is like Saturday etc. And you loose track of the week!!!

  3. I vote for leaving the X’s natural. Now – my story. One winter day when we lived down at the Tate Place, I woke up my three sons at the usual time, fed them pancakes, and hustled them into their winter coats and boots. They took off at a run, up the bluff and to the highway to catch the school bus. About a half an hour later, here they came, trudging down the bluff …… it was Saturday.

  4. In my area, we paint everything, else it gets damp and rots.
    Since your area is dry, perhaps you could leave the Xs on
    the door natural. Another option, just pain the entire
    door red.

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