Barn Tunnel

Tess and I spent this cool morning working in the barn…

While Tess sorted through racks of bridles… I screwed some boards into place.

What was an open area now has boards to funnel the bales to the appropriate spot on the floor and keep them from landing in our new walkway.

It went from this…

walkwayto this…

walkwayI’ll add a few more on the left side.  We didn’t want to make it solid since that window is a major source of light.  You should have seen us… me standing on a wobbly skinny barrel, Tess holding the boards in place and telling me not to fall as I reached up to screw the top into the log!  We did it… and I didn’t fall…

Then there was the old cow stall we ripped apart last time… stall
A couple more boards… pulled some nails… and we placed eight more saddle racks in this space, with room for one more.

saddlesDefinitely much more to do, but there’s a glimmer of light in that barn tunnel now!


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  1. Wow! What a difference you two women made. You know, I can almost smell that old barn smell – dirt, manure, leather. hay dust, animals …..

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