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I’ve spent the past couple of days off the ranch, attending the Wyoming Library Association’s conference in Sheridan.  As usual, it was enjoyable in many ways.

We stayed at Sheridan College, one of the seven community colleges in Wyoming.  It has a very beautiful campus and an adorable “neighborhood” of “villas” for student housing.  Each “villa” can house ten students, five bedrooms upstairs, five down.  Each floor has a shared living room/kitchen area, two bathrooms, three sinks outside the bathrooms, and five bedrooms.

villaNow the rooms themselves are nothing to brag about… but, hey, for a dorm room, I think it’s amazingly wonderful.  I painted dorms and married student housing at Casper College as a summer job for years… and this setup is SOOOOO much more pleasant!  (I wonder how many coats of paint are on those cinder block walls at Casper College by now???)

roomSheridan College (and Sheridan) owes much of its success to E. A. Whitney, what an interesting fellow…

eawhitneyCaesar, here, is another interesting guy found close by…

CaesarAnd to round out the “interesting guys list”… our guest speaker was Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain (affiliate link).  I’d recommend that book to anyone…

Garth SteinAll in all, a great conference as usual!


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  1. Cool! I read Racing in the Rain this summer and loved it. It’s told from the point of view of the dog in a family that goes through changes and challenges–especially tempting comment for dog lovers.

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