The countdown is continuing for the Total Solar Eclipse…

One thing I wanted to do for it was have a time lapse of the landscape.  That meant pulling out my sadly neglected GoPro and trying to figure it out AGAIN.  It gave me nothing but frustration the first few times I’ve tried it, but it was now or never.

I decided to try to coat my tipi while using the GoPro.

The coating was a failure because I didn’t have enough ingredients and it was more like thick paste instead of a liquid, but I did what I could and I hope to just buy more ingredients and continue this next week.

My little movie was my first attempt at time lapse…

and the seven second movie won’t play here…

Somehow there must be a widget or player I don’t have…

I’m posting it on my Facebook page to see if it works there…

I guess this post is a Fail/Fail!



Fail/Fail — 3 Comments

  1. Just remember the old adage,”If at first we don’t succeed, try try again.”
    Those ideas of yours are part of “you” and shouldn’t be tossed without a
    good try. We (readers) appreciate all the interesting things you share in your blog.

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Carol. You are human after all!
    Your blog is the first thing I check every day. I still don’t see how you do it all.
    Keep it coming.

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