Wyoming Eclipse Weekend

It’s finally here!

Wyoming is rolling out the red carpet for thousands of visitors for the solar eclipse on Monday.  Every town has “something” going on…

We aren’t in the totality, but we’ve seen an increase in traffic!  Here, Ten Sleep Brewery has created a Blackout Porter for the occasion, though I didn’t try it, and had their usual Friday farmers’ market plus the band “Screen Door Porch” tonight and tomorrow.

For those of you needing more information about the eclipse…

Here’s NASA’s website.

And here’s the State of Wyoming’s eclipse website.

More locally… Wind River Eclipse site.

Wyoming students (aka Wyoming Space Cowboys) will be part of the live streaming event hosted by NASA.  You can follow it here.

Of course, I’ll be doing SOMETHING as well… I have a plan!

So enjoy the long weekend, either here or online, Happy Eclipsing!

Ten Sleep brewery



Wyoming Eclipse Weekend — 3 Comments

  1. Wishing you a fab Eclipse weekend whatever you are doing before and after the eclipse. We can see a partial eclipse here in the UK, but it will be as the sun sets. For me that means driving west, or walking to the top of the hills to face west. Living halfway up the hills means the sun will already have dipped behind the hills at the time of the partial eclipse. Looking forward to seeing photos.

  2. Streaming into Casper rom everywhere! Saw three busloads of Asians yesterday. A royalty group from Saydi Arabia has fifty dinner reservations at our Fire Rock first class restaurant. Airport has 91 planes scheduled to land Monday…some of them to take in thecliose and then get back on and leave! Motels have been full for months. People are renting out houses forbig bucks. Parking sites in church parking are renting out for $75 a night.Casper has made big preparations, expecting 3,500 to 4,000!

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