I saw the snake as I bent down to move the wooden bench and instinct demanded a hurried step backwards.  I complied.

A double take reassured me it was a fake snake, tucked away in the leaves for some perverted amusement or simple childish pleasure, who knows?  As my heartbeat slowed, I looked longer at the vine covered fence.  Well, there were purple berries there!  Oh, hey!  They aren’t purple berries… they’re grapes!!


I planted two grapevines at my house this spring.  They’re still alive, but that’s about all I can say.  They really haven’t grown too much.  But this spot, wow… the more I looked the more I saw!

I popped one in my mouth.  It had great flavor… and seeds!  It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten a seeded grape!  Some weren’t even ripe yet, but I gathered a pan and kitchen shears and went to snipping.

I’ll have a visit with the extension agent and see if I can find out what variety they are, but now they’re cooked and strained and ready for jelly making soon.  It won’t be tomorrow as there’s cow work a’comin’… but a double batch of home made grape jelly is coming my way!

It was a great discovery thanks to that ornery little snake!




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  1. They look in size & color just like the wild grapes down here, but those pack quite a punch in flavor, not so much sweet though. I have yet to get any tame grapes to survive. Keep us updated plea!

  2. Will be interested to learn what kind of grapes they are — look something like my Concords which will be getting ripe soon. Home made grape jelly is the best!

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