Yes, the plan was to share photos of the mountain with you, but, once again, cuteness wins out.

I had a helper with that grape jelly today… and he can now accurately recount what it takes to make grape jelly. (although ‘pectin’ is kind of a tricky word) (and he wrote ‘Jaxon’ and ‘2017’ on the jars for me)

Wordless Wednesday will DEFINITELY be a mountain photo (and puzzle).



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  1. No wonder the cuteness won out! That’s some beautiful jelly too. I’ve been helping my sister canning and realizing it’s very satisfying to have all those jars of goodness on the shelf.

  2. Way to go Jaxon. You worked hard and that jelly looks yummy. Well done. I failed with my GKs. I made the pancake batter while they watched TV. They were quite happy to eat the pancakes. Must work harder on my cooking with GKs strategy!!!!

  3. I grew up on a farm, mom always canned fruit & vegies, I loved to smush up tomatoes in the colander making tomato juice, such fun & darn good juice!

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