The Big Tipi

Another adventure…

This time to Lost Cabin, Wyoming for a tour of The Big Tipi, aka J.B. Okie’s mansion.  Known as the Sheep King of Central Wyoming, he was an intelligent businessman with big plans.

I’ve driven past this house FOREVER… Well, ever since I’ve been married… and have wondered about it.  I’ve wanted to go inside and see what was left… and today, thanks to a family friend, we had a tour.  All of the original furnishings were sold by the former owners… but the house definitely retains its charm.

Okie Mansion

It is owned by ConocoPhillips but the caretaker and his wife gave us the tour.

fireplaceThere are multiple original fireplaces (imported from France), some original wallpaper and plaster of paris ornamentation… tin ceilings and butler’s pantry…

lightGreat lights (converted to electric, of course), call buttons that ran to colored lights in the servant’s quarters (not the bells of Downton Abbey!), and an intercom system from the second floor to the kitchen (breakfast in bed, anyone?)

porchThe wrap-around porch was glassed in by the second Mrs. Okie… and the view from the cupola was gorgeous since our blue skies have returned!

cupolaI’m anxious to read more about Mr. Okie…

Thanks, P., for getting us this tour!


The Big Tipi — 10 Comments

  1. I grew up in Lost Cabin. My father was a cowboy/ranch hand for the Spratt’s. I am not sure when they bought the J.B. Okie place.
    R.W. spratt and then his son Tom owned it. Tom retired and sold it to the oil company.

    In the 15 years I lived in Lost Cabin, I was never in the big Tipi, or “Big House” as it was called when my family lived there. I loved the few pictures of the inside of the house you have on your blog. I believe that the lights from the beginning were electric, J.B. Okie was way ahead of time. I would love to know if you were able to take more pictures and didn’t post them, or was that all you were allowed to take?

    Would it be okay with you if I made copies just to put in our family album to go with the pictures we have through the years we lived there?

    I see the Riverton Museum is going to tour the “Big Tipi” Sept. 22nd, 2018. Oh how I wish I could be there!! I am so jealous.

    I love all of your pictures, but especially your ranching photos, takes me back a lot of years.

    I wonder from your blog if you live between Lost Cabin and Ten Sleep? I always loved the drive the back way from Lost Cabin to Ten Sleep, through what we called “Mahogany Buttes”, don’t know if that is the official name or not.

    Sorry kind of wound up! My brother who lives in Arizona sent me pictures last week, of the house we lived in for 8 years, called the “Doll House”, located in Lost Cabin, loaded on a semi to be moved somewhere in Casper! We were so thrilled to know it wasn’t going to be left to totally decay. We have not been able to find out why, where they moved it??

    Thank you for listening! I have been on your blog several times and enjoy it so much. I don’t do Facebook or instagram, or any social network.


    (yes my given at birth name is Montana) I was born in Washington and raised in Lost Cabin and Lybyer Ranch for almost 18 years.

  2. Very unique house. I wonder if there are any long-term plans for its
    ongoing restoration?

    We have 2 “octagon” houses here in western NY – the design really helps the air circulate! (see: Genesee Country Village and Museum – a fabulous, working 19th century museum filled with structures all from N.Y. state!)

  3. I have always wanted to tour that home. The life of J.B. Okie is fascinating; he was a man of vision and action. Somewhere I have a book chronicling his life and times – now I’m going to search for it.

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