A Little Wet

We will be weaning tomorrow… and in preparation, we water down the corrals.  Dust can be your enemy when calves, already stressed from leaving their mothers, breathe all that dust into their lungs.  They can easily get sick… and, possibly, die.

This time of year, especially this year… Wyoming *is* Dust.

The corrals at home have had sprinklers running…

Vernon and I hauled some water up to the mountain corral and sprayed some around… sucking up more tankfuls from the pond in the horse pasture and spraying it as well.  It’s hours of work, and the dry dust sucks it up like a sponge.  It’s just a little, but we hope it will be enough.




A Little Wet — 4 Comments

  1. Hope all the watering works and the calves keep well. Early autumn has arrived in middle England. Too early yet for any colourful trees. Today the weatherman said ‘think April showers and rainbows, with possible thunder’!!!! Hopefully rainbows and not thunder when we walk GKs home from school.

  2. Never knew anything about this – I think it’s the first time you’ve posted about the need to sprinkle to keep the dust down for the calves. Very interesting.

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