Counting Down

It’s late and the big day is tomorrow… bright and early!  I’m not quite packed… and I’m practically nauseous from getting ready to leave for two weeks.

First of all, I’m not good at abandoning ship when there’s work to be done… here at home and the library…

Second… it’s a long long long long long long way to our destination.  I’m not used to that.  It makes me nervous.  The riding, the inactivity, the “looking for potty stops”!

Third… Vernon and I haven’t been apart like that since Mom passed away.  To think of it, is just WEIRD.

Fourth… my dogs! poor Lucas keeps watching me…

Fifth… my cell phone deal fell through (just an important FYI… write down your apple id and password for your iPhone (and other passwords).  Otherwise, your phone cannot be unlocked and reused by another family member or sold to anyone.  You have a costly paperweight.  Ask Tess and I how we know this…)  I was doing a quick search to find another iphone 5s on our way to our destination, seeing as how I have a pre paid plan that I can’t use now… but I think it’s gonna be a stretch to match my wish list and my price range.  Yes, I know I can buy one for $200+ somewhere… was really hoping to spend less than $100.  I’m cheap.

Sixth… I used to like to travel… but when I had the chance to go to New York City to get my blogging award, I passed.  I didn’t know anyone, I would be out of my element, to say the least… and I’d almost back out of this trip now!  I’m very happy where I am!  I don’t wanna goooooooooo.

Oh, yes, I do.  It’s just…

Someone needs to drag me away… like the girls did for my cowboy hat!  Guess that’ll happen soon!  Somehow, I’ll start posting to give you hints on where we are going!

Wish us luck!



Counting Down — 10 Comments

  1. Have a wonderful trip and vacation, Carol! Wherever you are going to. Getting ready to go is always the worst, most difficult part for me too.

  2. Sounds like you are driving, so that rules out Alaska and Hawaii. A long ways, must be a trip to the West Coast. I’ll guess San Francisco.

  3. Carol, I know how you feel about being away from Vernon. I have not taken a trip nor want to without my Husband. Well, have a good time. Nice here in south central Kansas. Corn and soy beans being cut. Cotton growing fine and maize looking good. Sharon Drake

  4. Oh, I’m excited for you. I’ve just been with family for a week. It’s two years since I had to pack for that long. You get out of the habit. Breathe deeply and enjoy yourself. Hope you find some sunshine. Wet and dull in middle England today. Kitchen lights on by 4:30pm

  5. Hi Carol,
    I have been away for over a week, and am just reading all my emails and your blog. Saw the highlights of Halifax, Nova Scotia; St. John’s, New Brunswick; Portland, ME; and Boston. Had a great time! So glad to see that you are on a real vacation. I’m going to guess: the Grand Canyon. Have a terrific time and we’ll all enjoy hearing about your adventures.

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