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While I missed much of the major work around the ranch while I was gone, (preg testing, trailing the cows off the top of the mountain), I arrived back just in time for the major work at work!!!  The library’s busy week is halfway over, so I spent the day catching up.  The Harvest Dinner Raffle and Auction is SATURDAY, for heaven’s sake…  So there was work setting up and organizing the newest donations.  We are far short of our normal amount so far, hopefully, people are just procrastinating!  (We accept any NEW and/or HANDCRAFTED items).  Our book sale is also this week… I let everything stand as it was… everyone did a great job there.  We also started our “After the Bell” Program this week.  While we have always been a safe and fun place for kids to go to after school, we now offer programmed activities four days a week.  I’m very excited because we have some great “makerspace” activities planned with new “toys” which include Ozobots, Magformers, and 3D pens.  We’re also giving plenty of time for “old-fashioned” play… and craft activities.

There hasn’t been time for me to do anything with all my photos and videos, in fact, it seems to be taking forever to download them to my computer!

My garden is toast.

My baby chicks have grown.

Lucas and Eden missed me like crazy.

Vernon said he missed me too!

I went from 93˚ and 90% humidity in Texas to 29˚ with 29% humidity in Wyoming!!! (Today it crept back up to the 70˚s, but there’s definitely fall in the air!)

Texas was great, but my heart is in WyHOMEing.





WyHOMEing — 4 Comments

  1. Great to be home, eh! I’m sure you were “very” missed” by everyone human
    and canine. Fall is arriving here in WNY – I have a spectacular Norwegian Maple tree out front that stays green quite a bit longer than the other Silver Maples near by. Then it’s like magic: the tree turns completely golden over
    about one week, and then “poof” all the leaves drop in a day or so. I then have a beautiful gold carpet on the ground. We readers will enjoy your trip pictures anytime you can add them to the blog.

  2. Thanks for the update on who missed you while you were gone and what’s going on at the library. No time to rest yet!!!!! Love WY photo.

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