This time of year, that word, “harvest”, applies to so many different things.

Part of it is harvesting some minor money off of all the hunters that have descended upon Ten Sleep.  Our Hunter Fest is full of raffles and small tables of wares… including the library.  We sold our neck/head scarves and raffle tickets.

hunter festOf course, I bought some raffle tickets there too… but didn’t win!

Then a few hours later… we were putting on the Harvest Dinner.  It’s our big fundraiser for the Ten Sleep Ambulance and Library plus our raffle and live auction.  I *did* win a couple items there for once.  Yay, me!  It’s a busy, busy evening, and I came home and deflated quickly!  Somehow, believe it or not… I totally spaced taking any photos… I can’t believe that!

I did run out to the edge of town and grab some quick pics of all the elk that are bedded down in a field beside the LDS church.  They’re pretty safe there with the highway on one side and houses and church on the others.  I’m sure many a hunter was just beside himself, wanting to harvest a few of them.



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  1. I was out in Rocky Mt. National Park last week, lots of happy & safe elk there!

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