Cool Cowboys

Guaranteed to happen:

Work outside in the cold (22˚ this morning).

creek crossing

Ride, walk, work the gate sorting cattle – back and forth, back and forth.


Ride some more.


Stand around, cooling off and getting stiff, but talking with neighbors and buyers.

Go home.

Drink two cups of hot chocolate.

Finally make supper.


Tip over.

I had no ambition to blog last night.

The best part of the day?  When it warmed up just a bit… and preschool was over… one of our top hands showed up for the job of kicking the cows out to our Ritchie Pasture.  Same pony, different cowboy.  Good job, Jaxon!




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  1. Wonderful pictures and story as the weather starts to chill. I have a question: do cows and horses have thicker coats in the winter like dogs??

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