Visitors in the Night

I checked in with the guys and their current project…

Took some random photos… and returned home followed by Tess and the kids.

I had mentioned making applesauce, and Tess was here to tackle that problem!  For the rest of the afternoon, we peeled, sliced, and cooked our way to 34 pints of applesauce… or somewhere in there!

I know my chickens will be happy for a while… and I won’t bemoan any apples going to waste.

One of my random photos was this.

trailThis speaks volumes to local ranchers… and it’s pretty easy to figure things out!  (Besides the fact that there will be some fence repair in our future)  Especially when you peek out your door first thing in the morning to this.


My clothesline… my raspberries… my garden fence…

My deduction?  Our alfalfa fields are getting visitors in the night!

(click on my instagram feed on the right to see some video of the part of the herd that was below my chicken coop) (is that a run-on sentence?)  (lots of prepositional phrases there…) (more coffee needed)


Visitors in the Night — 5 Comments

  1. I am working on canning my 12 quarts of N.Y. state apples~! I mix about 8 varieties! Where I go to get apples, you can also pick apples – and the orchard grows “heritage” apples, too…with some going back to the early 1700’s.

    Do you think those Elk got a whiff of your applesauce?? Home, Home on the Range plus dessert! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Your apple sauce sounds wonderful. Not that common in Middle England though one of my US cookbooks has a recipe for apple sauce cake. Sounds lovely and moist. Loved your video of your visitors.

    • Really? You don’t have applesauce?? Applesauce cake is delicious! Do you make anything with smushed, cooked apples? Maybe you just call it something different!

  3. Mom use to make the best apple butter, just smushed up applesauce, I can’t imagine having to put up with elk running thru fences!

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