Wordless Wednesday – “Lotta Country”

(from a couple of weeks ago…)  (there’s a 500′ canyon just in front of me!)  (click on the puzzle below for some fun)

big horn mountains
previewLotta Country Puzzle


Wordless Wednesday – “Lotta Country” — 4 Comments

  1. You live in some Beautiful country, Carol, with all kinds of canyons, colors, mountains and terrain! I just love to see your photos of it, and envy your daily views of such beauty all around you. We do live in the foothills of the Sandia Mts here in NM, which I love and which are part of the southern ranges of the Rocky Mountains. Fyi. We live at 6,200 ft altitude and the Sandia Peak is about 10,200 ft. I am just sharing this because so many people often think New Mexico is all a flat desert (which a lot of it is!)

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