Back In It… Tuesday

We knew a snowstorm was coming, and sure enough, it’s snowing outside.  BUT!  All my Christmas lights are up and functioning… the last of the toys and lawn supplies tucked away for their long winter’s nap… the dogs are nestled under the pine tree, as usual, foregoing the insulated dog house, and unknowingly passing time until their big vet appointment tomorrow.(details on that, well, tomorrow!)

My house is 95% decorated, and 80% cleaned.

Sugar cookies, peppermint brownies, and two more ornaments are ready for tomorrow’s Open House at the library.  Once again, our second biggest fundraiser is here.  As usual, I didn’t make near the amount of donations I had planned… but perhaps I will donate one of my calendars or jewelry or zentangled shoes or photo pillows to the eclectic mix of silent auction items.

I also cut out some last minute decorations… black silhouettes of the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Max, and a Christmas tree.  We will back them with green tissue paper and put them in our library windows to glow at night.  I’m anxious to see how they’ll turn out!

I checked many things off my list, passing up ranch work to make the big push to do it, too…  I imagine come Tuesday, I’ll be right back in it!


The 2018 Red Dirt Calendar is now available HERE.


I’m doing another Q&A session… post your question… I’ll answer it in a few days!

frost moon


Back In It… Tuesday — 4 Comments

  1. The “super moon” must be extra special in your wide-open spaces. I am enjoying it here, too. Good luck with the Open House and auction for your library – I hope it is a terrific success. The decorations will be cool!

    Question: how is your new granddaughter? and the bigger siblings doing?

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