Fingers and Paws

I’ve talked about it more than a few times on here… I mean, I live on a ranch… we raise animals of all sorts.  The guys are headed to a bull sale tomorrow, as a matter of fact.  We have bulls and stud colts and roosters and the occasional tom cat.  I’ve talked castration and artificial insemination and, my favorite, “Sex and the Country”.

Children learn early what bulls do.  What a rooster is good for.  Why they might ride a gelding or a mare, but not a stallion.  That that one is a heifer and that one is a steer… and what the difference is.

The guys, over coffee this morning, were talking scrotal circumference in bulls… which is a Real Thing that’s one of the categories published in bull catalogs to help you make your decision on which bull to buy.  It wasn’t weird.  It wasn’t “anything” but facts.

It seemed to be the topic of the day as my dogs had an appointment with the vet this morning.  I didn’t share last week… but I had a scare with Lucas.  He has been acting older of late… slower to rise, not wanting to go for a big walk… so when one day, he didn’t want to stand up AT ALL… I hit the panic button, seeing him out of my life, and I didn’t like that picture!  Hence the laser treatments last week.  My goal then, was to make it to this week as Eden was coming into heat.  With the help of pain relieving drugs, Lucas once again feels fine, though he is too weak in his hind end to… ahem… <cough>… well… YOU KNOW.

I want a last litter by Lucas before he leaves this world.  Yes, we pray he’s here for many more years, but it seemed like Providence when Eden came into season.  I want a Little Lucas in my future.  Call me selfish.  I am.

Sooooo… after some time last night trying to aid in a romantic tryst and failing… we loaded up the “Love Machine” (read Sex and the Country if you want the backstory) and went to get some professional help.  No candlelight, no Barry White, no liquor… just the humorous Good Doctor and his staff helping Lucas and Eden have a Good Time.



It was over in a few minutes… and we will keep fingers and paws crossed that this works…


Boy, if this post doesn’t put some questions in your brain, I don’t know what will.  Ask away, and I will try to answer them in a dignified manner!






Fingers and Paws — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, this post gave me some chuckles, growing up on a farm as I did, and still being as country as I am. lol I’m hoping you get some little Lucases And that he perks up and stays with you a lot longer!

  2. Forgot to say: hope the puppy making event produces the exact Lucas puppy you are dreaming about! And, your library silhouettes are GENIUS! You are a very crafty and artsy person, indeed.

  3. What do you feed your adult dogs? Has that changed over the years–for instance, have you started relying more (or less) on commercial feeds over time? Do you feed supplements like glucosamine or vitamin C or fish oil?

  4. Hope you get a positive result from the visit to the Good Doctor and staff.

    A question: if a winter storm is coming your way, what do you do to prepare for it. Both for your family, home and your animals.

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