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We were all back together again today… and another batch of presents were exchanged.

I did very well… receiving some cool jewelry and scarves, a CD and speaker I had requested, art supplies (always welcome), magazine subscription, some wine… and some money… The “biggest” item was a brand new scroll saw!  Squeeeeeee!  Power tools for Christmas are on the top of my list.  Unfortunately, I think I’ll prefer to use it after it warms up a bit.  I think right now it is -10… I’m not doing much sawing in the garage at those kind of temperatures!

I wasn’t really going to go into *MY* presents though… I wanted to show off pictures of one of Vernon’s presents.

See, not only is my birthday on Christmas, but Vernon’s is on New Year’s Day.  Sometimes, it works out that our presents are a little bigger, someone combining the two celebrations into one.  Well, this present from Daniel was from last year’s birthday and Christmas AND this year’s birthday and Christmas.  So… kinda a BIG ONE.

There’s a little story behind this… Long ago, I guess the boys must have been in high school, they took their dad’s .22 rifle out shooting prairie dogs or some such thing.  I’m actually foggy on the details, I should have asked again… Anyway, they BROKE the stock on the .22.  I don’t know how.  Maybe I don’t want to know.  All I remember is that they were very, very, sorry about ruining their Dad’s little rifle.

So, that’s the new stock on the old rifle.  Looks pretty good, right?

What if I told you, Daniel took AN OLD CEDAR FENCEPOST and made the new stock from it????

Yeah.  Really.

I mean… it is just FLAT OUT GORGEOUS.  I told him we were just going to hang it on the wall for show.

He sees things wrong with it… but I sure didn’t.  I just had to share, because… well, gee… because FENCEPOST into a GUNSTOCK is pretty amazing in my book!




Pretty AND Amazing — 12 Comments

  1. The wood grain and knots make it look so good! With some use and natural patina to the wood it will only look better. Great job and gift.

  2. That is amazing that he could make that (out of a fence post!), and it is incredibly beautiful and well done! Your son is a skilled and talented carpenter, which I admire and appreciate because so was my Dad and my Grandpa. Very well done to Daniel. You are so right in being very proud of him and his talent. Yay!

  3. Carol and Family. That stock is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t know there is a word to describe it. A gun stock takes a lot of time and what a wonderful way to show the LOVE. Sharon Drake south central kansas

  4. That is amazing. I’m with you Carol. That cedar has so many shades and tones it would be great to appreciate it on the wall. Maybe there is another fence post that can be lovingly crafted into a wall hanging!!

  5. Beautiful! And what a nice job, Daniel! I was thinking it looked like cedar before I got to that part of the story. Extra special. (Maybe they broke the first one on a cedar fence post…)

  6. Who would have thought of using an old fence post and have it turn out sooooooo incredible. Good job Daniel. I bet every gift came from the heart. That is just the way your family is.

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