We spent the day doing the required bangs vaccination of our young heifer calves.

The Good Doctor and some helpers were on hand.

He has his own tattoo he must place in the ear as proof of vaccination as well as a numbered orange button tag.  By the end of the day, green tattoo ink is everywhere, the chute, the ground, and the Good Doctor.

It might help if there was a better place to hold the green ink filled toothbrush than his mouth, but, hey, whatever works.

Uncle Brandon explains how he is taking some DNA samples from an ear punch to Jaxon.

We haven’t done this before.  It’s a slick little tool that punches a small round sample out of the ear and immediately into a tiny sealed sample tube.  I should have taken more pictures of it, but I was busy writing down numbers and sorting the calves in different directions.

Reagan showed up for a bit as well.

She received her Cowboy Christening, with cow poop splattered on her and her cute pink Muck boots!  Welcome to cow work, Reagan!


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