Normally, after gathering our cows from the badlands, we would be sorting them… Early calvers from later ones… And vaccinating with scour guard vaccine that they could pass along to their unborn calves… But we’re not.

Our corrals are icy.  Built on a slight incline, which is great for drainage, it makes for a tricky situation.  Slick.  Slanted. Very pregnant cows.  Cows can fall on the ice and actually cause their calves to flip inside them.  This creates a twisted uterus and it is impossible to calve vaginally.  You don’t know it’s happened until you’re calling your vet with a cow that can’t progress with her labor, with possibly a dead calf inside her.

Since we have a bit of time, and a chance for some weather to help alleviate the ice, we’re waiting.



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  1. Hoping your weather improves. Icy, slick paths are not nice for two legged, none pregnant humans and for those four legged mama cows.

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