Garage Work

The day was gorgeous.  There was a strength to the sunshine we haven’t felt for a while, making 45 degrees feel much warmer.  I fled household chores after lunch, deciding to accomplish something that wouldn’t be undone in a few more hours!

I chose to work in my garage, doors open wide!  I’ve had some shelves which I built originally for Victoria’s virtually closetless childhood bedroom.  They’ve held nothing for a couple of years now, just taking up floor space!  Their spot would be here, against the back wall.

Moving and tossing items gave me room, and a few grunts and heaves later, I had them in place.  Yay!

Vernon wired me in a motion detector so that I have light in the garage when I pull in after work.  Perfect!

A bit more organizing, and I will have room for my scroll saw…


Garage Work — 6 Comments

  1. I really like those shelves you put up in your garage. Nice work. I may have to try something similar. Also, good job keeping your garage so tidy and clutter free.

  2. WOW!!! BIG difference from when I saw it. Great work Carol.
    For your info. Lark will be spayed soon. She had three wonderful litters and I think that is enough. She can just be my wonderful companion. Thank You!

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