#TBT: A Team

When I first arrived at the ranch, oh, a Loooooong Time Ago… We used a team to feed cows in the winter.  During the summer, they lived a life of leisure.

But one time, someone arranged a Team Pulling Contest down at the Ten Sleep Rodeo Grounds.

Johnny took Buck and Booger down to compete.  They didn’t win, but I did get a pic that now I can use for my Throwback Thursday post!


#TBT: A Team — 12 Comments

  1. I thought of this team when you mentioned the guys feeding with the tractor the other day. It took alot time to catch, feed , harness, etc etc. ! Did you drive them? I did once, but J had to say whoa before I took out a gate post!

    • I did… though they knew their job pretty well. Once I came down the hill by the pump house faster than I should have. I was alone, and on a wagon not a sleigh, and it was quite the rush!!!! I loved it, but was happy Johnny wasn’t around to see me doing something I probably shouldn’t have!

  2. Need a green broke team cheep? We have way too many horses! Someting like 4 or 5 teams. Can’t keep up with them all, fun to have around though.

    • The girls think they’d like to have them… Vernon knows how much work they can be… and a green team is probably more than we are prepared to handle!!!

  3. Growing up in the city one of my fav things was the WI state fair. We got to see (and pet) farm animals and I always loved to watch the wagon pulling contests (is that even the right phrase) with the huge horses straining and pulling. What a great pic 🙂

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