It was a tad cool this morning, -7, so when I trudged out to the chicken coop to set up my GoPro, I also brought along a bottle of bubbles.

I seem to always have some on hand these days…

I wanted to try to freeze bubbles.  You see these things on the internet, you might as well try to do them.  (Well, some of them!)

It worked!  They weren’t the gorgeous crystal ones, but freeze they did.  Some popped with a fluttering of “ash-like” ice that drifted down.  Some landed on the snow as clear deflated balls and they actually rolled across the smooth snow.  I posted a video with it on Facebook (click on the Facebook link on the right to see it – membership not necessary)

For you, a pretty cool photo of a frozen bubble on the snow… and, yes, I’m looking over my GoPro video to see if there’s anything on it!

Frozen bubble



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  1. Great photo. I enjoyed your video that I picked up on Twitter. What fun that must have been. Bottles of bubbles are a must with little ones around. Though I like to blow them on my own and enjoy the colours before the GKs chase and burst them.

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