Working Together

Victoria and her boys visited for a bit, and there was no doubt that we would go “help” with calving.  Matthew, aged two, was fairly insistent we go see “baby cows”.

Not to disappoint, the calving shed was bursting with babies, their moms, and two in the process! We clean each pen between births, and Matthew followed, grabbed a pitchfork, and tried to help.  Waylon also was right there, being an “old hand” at the process at age six.   Wyatt preferred playing in the snow!

It never fails to warm my heart to have four generations working together on this place.



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  1. Wonderful for you to have family so close. I have friends whose GKs are half way across the world. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime. But no matter how near or far they are we must make many memories for them and us to remember. Enjoy your calving season. Baby lambs should be around soon, though with this cold blast from the east hitting the UK, they will be better in the barns/sheds?

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