Knuckling Under

While you might think of the phrase, “knuckling under”, as a synonym for giving up or surrendering, during calving season, that means something else.

This little twin has the condition we call Knuckling Under.

Her front hooves are bending under instead of letting her walk normally.

Give her a couple of days, and those ligaments will stretch, and she will be much more steady than in these newborn photos walking in snow!  I do not know what causes this, and it’s fairly rare, but an interesting event in calving season!

If you’d like to see a video of her walking, click on the Instagram link on the right sidebar… the little icon that looks like a camera!


Knuckling Under — 7 Comments

  1. I had bought a bull a few years back that threw calves with weak front joints. Had to splint some for a few days. Bull never stayed around long. Normally like you said they will be up and going in a few days. Took longer with his calves.

  2. So good to hear that the calf will be ok. Sadly due to our ‘beast from the east’ winter storm in the UK last week, many new born lambs have died. Too much snow (for us) and too cold. Weather should improve during this coming week.

  3. We have had a few of these. It’s so hard to watch them try and walk and nurse! My understanding is that it’s caused by limited space in the womb which prevents normal movement and stretching those limbs like the would normally. This causes these contractures which fortunately improve as they try to follow mom.

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