It’s warmed up enough to cause a layer of ice on any packed snow… my walk out to my chicken coop was a dangerous undertaking this morning!  This afternoon blew a storm in, and the ice is now covered in snow.  Thankfully, I believe it’s deep enough that the ice rink is fully covered.

I spent the day on house chores… plus tearing out the bottom of my lazy suzan cabinet.  While the top level works fine, the bottom level has been nothing but trouble since it was installed.  It’s gone, though, and so is my frustration with it.

I did, however, attempt at linking my GoPro with my new iPad again… so I did have an hour or so of Deep and Full Frustration.  Yay and yippee.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, in the coming month, you might notice me tagging some of my photos with the hashtag of #flyyourwy. It’s a promotional campaign by the state of Wyoming whose #thatswy hashtag I’ve used for quite a while.  This new hashtag encourages locals and visitors to fly a small “That’s WY” orange flag in their photos.  The point is to share all the permutations that make up Wyoming.  The tourist spots… the hidden local gems… the lifestyles and people.

Feel free to share any of these posts (which if you REALLY want to help out bloggers, it is the ONE THING YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DO!)



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  1. This is a good-looking and informative sign. I think that the idea of a centennial ranch and farm recognition program is genius. Giving credit to families in agriculture and ranching for the long-haul is marvelous.

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