Crazy Library

It’s been crazy at the Ten Sleep Library.  Our new addition is complete.  The work has begun for us!  I’m putting in extra hours… moving shelves, moving books, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Here is our little Facebook Live video we did today…

Current progress at the Ten Sleep Library.

Posted by Ten Sleep Branch Library on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I hope that link works!  But I’m very tired and ready for bed!  I will check this in the morning to see if the link generated correctly… but I’m for bed… probably with dreams of the Dewey Decimal System running laps in my brain!


Crazy Library — 4 Comments

  1. I liked the video tour very much! The library addition looks wonderful and will serve today as well as the future of your community. Keeping all the resources organized while they are moved is a huge amount of work. I’m sure you all are pacing yourselves!

  2. This made me tired just looking at it. When it’s finished, it will be more wonderful, like all libraries.
    I love libraries.

  3. Oh. If you get chance, check out the Library at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Cathedral ceilings with books to the TOP. So many of them.

  4. Oh my. The Dewey Decimal System. I remember there were numbers!!!! That was back in the 1960’s when I was a librarian at High School. I did enjoy my time in the school library. Very proud to wear a white oblong metal badge with the word ‘Librarian’ written in gold on my navy blue school uniform sweater.

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