#TBT: Calendar Cowboys

In among collected old photos was this calendar from 1965.  The photo’s caption is “Roundup Crew on Nowood River – 1908”.  While not directly linked to us, there are many degrees of interest here.

In 1908, the Greets were still on their homestead on Spring Creek, but one year later, they would move to our current place on the Nowood purchased from Joe Henry, the second man from the left.

Two other men in the photo would also have a significant year in 1909.  Charles Faris (pictured in the background holding the herd) and Herb Brink (third from the right) would both be embroiled in the Spring Creek Raid, to which the Greet Brothers were witnesses.  It happened the last night on their Spring Creek homestead before moving to the Joe Henry place.

Riders left to right:  Charles Faris, Billy Horton, Joe Henry, Tuck Keaton, Frank Davis, Paul Berg, Herb Brink, George McClellan, Frank Helmer


#TBT: Calendar Cowboys — 5 Comments

  1. My daughter just finished Ten Sleep and No Rest. Loved the picture and the link to the post on Spring Creek.

  2. What a history! I looked up the Spring Creek raid and skimmed through the story. It mentioned two neighbors who testified. I assume that was the Greet brothers?

  3. That is so interesting to see the photo of these guys from so long ago and to hear your story about some of them. What a treasure for you to have. Thanks for sharing.

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