There are signs of spring everywhere…

the snow quickly melting, creating mud and puddles…

red-winged blackbirds trilling in the branches…

and Lucas… adding bags of dog hair to the trash pile!

Don’t let anyone tell you English Shepherds don’t shed!

Holy, Hair Ball, Batman!



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  1. Bulbs are poking their heads up thru a new 1″ of snow here. And, yes, the birdies are becoming more abundant! The maple trees are just starting to begin their reddening…such a beautiful season!

  2. Spring is also showing her face in Middle England. Birds singing before dawn. Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils showing their beauty. They might be hidden again this weekend when the Beast from the East returns with cold air from the east. Freezing temps and snow. There are still many pipe repairs going on from the Beasts last visit!!!!! And lambing season is here. Hurry up Spring. We need you.

  3. Lucas is doing what dogs do. Go Lucas.
    We had a shorthaired Lab mix on the theory that our patio wouldn’t be full of dog hair twice a year. It wasn’t because he was shedding ALL the time! Dogs — gotta love ’em.

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